Rhea Perry

Rhea Perry has home educated her 7 children since 1987. Although she earned an education degree from Auburn University, she encouraged her children to think differently by educating them to be leaders and thinkers instead of following the typical educational path.

Her husband of 33 years, Wendell, held almost two master's degrees in education and encouraged her for years to educate their children differently so they wouldn't end up as educated, yet as poor as he was.

By the time her oldest son, Drew, was 20, he had created a system for selling houses on eBay and created a passive income that allowed his dad to come home from corporate Amercia. He had bought and sold over 70 houses on eBay, 12 in one auction. By age 20, he was worth $1.4 million. Today Drew is married and has 7 children which he and his wife, Carol, home educate. Rhea's second son, Will, started a successful commercial and industrial roofing company with his brother, Forrest. The company was doing well and operating four crews across north Alabama when Forrest, 19, suffered a head and neck injury in an accident and died. The shock affected everyone in the company yet it still faithfully serves its clients today.

Because Rhea took her children to live conferences to learn Internet marketing and real estate investing, she became interested in online business and started Educating for Success, Inc. In 2010, she won Armand Morin's Better Your Best Contest for the most improved online business of the year and $25,000.

Now that all of Rhea's children are on their own, she teaches others the secrets of entrepreneurial education that she has learned from 30 years of homeschooling. She is a featured speaker at homeschool conventions across the country and hosts two annual conferences for home educating families.


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