Bringing Families Together with Home Business

Educating for Success

The only online community
of its kind in the world
where families gather virtually
- and at live conferences -
to educate themselves and their children
to build home businesses of many kinds!

If you want your family to:

Serve God and others with their gifts and talents

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Get specific education to operate well in the Internet Age

Provide well for their families

Live financially free

Contribute well to their society

then our international online community may be just what you're looking for!

What worked in the Industrial Revolution
no longer works as well today.
Our schools have replaced our Christian heritage and academic focus
with dumbed-down Humanistic philosophies.
It’s time concerned parents get back to educating our families
to live entrepreneurially and independently.
That’s why this community started and
continues to grow each year!

My name is Rhea Perry and I wasn't educated to be an entrepreneur. Yet as I focused on educating my seven children at home, I discovered an entirely new way of thinking that is actually an old way, the “old ways” of God.

Instead of educating our children to get good grades so they can go to college, get a good job and live in the Rat Race barely getting by for the rest of their lives, I learned that the financially free in the Information Age can create multiple streams of passive income and live the Laptop Lifestyle. 

The basic rules of work have changed, yet education hasn’t change to keep up.

So where can you get the education you need to build a successful home business and live WITH your family instead of just seeing everyone on weekends?

That’s what we do at Educating for Success.

We bring experts in many fields to our members who provide valuable information, education and wise counsel.

I’m not your standard homeschool mom turned Internet marketer; I’m just a dkfdjkf living at the Backside of Nowhere in Southern Tennessee who wants to see families break free from the golden handcuffs that tie them to jobs that barely provide so they can step into the fullness that God has for them with their own businesses.

Educating for Success is not just a website; it’s part of a movement. There’s a revival sweeping across this country as parents wake up to their responsibility to educate their children according to their personal purposes and abilities.

Home Business Conference

Every August, we invite successful home business experts to teach our community members specific ways to make money from home.

After the sessions each night, we have break-out sessions to offer interactive education and activities such as:

  • English Country Dancing
  • Crypto-Jam
  • Board Games
  • Travel Agent Training

You can get information about this year’s conference soon.

Membership Communities

Learn the concepts that will help you have a successful home business.

Educating for Success
Membership Includes:

An online community of entrepreneurs of all ages who are learning about home business options of all kinds. It includes encouragement, success stories, and announcements.

  • Daily interactive discussions in our closed Facebook group
  • Monthly Mastermind Session
  • Recommended resources
  • Discounts on live and virtual classes
  • Discount on our annual Home Business Conference

Try it the first month for just $1, then just $19.97/each month thereafter

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Rhea's Proteges

Family Home Business Coaching for those who are ready to build or expand their home business(es).

  • Everything EFS members get
  • Your Own Personal Vision Call (for every family member)
  • Extra Vision Calls If You Need Them
  • Personal Monthly Calls With Our Protégé Experts
  • Private Protégé day after our annual Home Business Conference
  • Half-day Splash Bash at the river on the day before the Home Business Conference
  • Protégé discount for our annual Home Business Conference

Our Protégé Program is just $97/month!

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Join our online international community
and become part of a movement!

What Others Are Saying



" You are a true inspiration, example, and mentor to others. Grateful for you."

Christina Brown
July 11, 2017

"Rhea, I love the way you paint the picture of your work day, revealing what is possible. It would be wonderful if everyone knew the options that are available to design their own work and life, and have financial freedom. I appreciate your vision to make that happen!"

Teresa Ball
February 28, 2017


10 Things Mama Rhea Taught Her Children About Home Business

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