How to Start & Grow Your Real Estate Empire

This course in Real Estate includes the Wohlwend family's journey. The young men in the family have properties they have chosen, purchased, and run on their own.

If you and/or your children are interested in Real Estate as a business, you'll find answers here.

The Wohlwend family has been in full-time Real Estate investing since 2003. Eric, the dad, has taught this to their sons who are also investors.

Lila, the mom, is the owner of a Property Management Company and offers her expertise in this course, as well.

This course not only includes pre-recorded video sessions, it also includes a one-on-one session with Eric Wohlwend (the dad) after you have completed the video lessons.

The video sessions include:

Session 1 - Why, Beliefs

Session 2 - Baseline/Financial Statement

Session 3 - Goals and Strategies

Session 4 - Part I: Advanced Strategies & Protection and Part II: Predictions for 2020+

Session 5 - Private Money & Alternative Financing

Session 6 - Management by Lila

Bonus - Recordings of the live in-person sessions, including a property walk-through.

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