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We Had the Best Family
Field Trip of the Year to Learn How to Build a Successful Home Business
at the Only
Home Business Conference
Of Its Kind for Homeschool Families
On August 8-10, 2019!

You've probably heard my family's story, how we brought our dad home from corporate America in just 3 years. Well, we learned how to think from seasoned experts we met at live conferences we attended when the children were younger.

But most professional events won't allow you to take young people.

So we have hosted this event every year since 2003 so families can learn how to think differently!

This live 3-day event is like nothing you have ever experienced before! It was jam-packed with successful home business experts of all kinds and homeschooling families from all over America who were ready to create financial freedom!

Everything at This One-of-a-kind Event
Happened at the Lodge at
Lake Guntersville State Park
In North Alabama on
August 8-10, 2019!

Lake Guntersville State Park was voted the best wedding reception location in Marshall County in 2018 by readers of The Advertiser Gleam. It has also been awarded the Judge's Award Overall and Best Entree's Award at 2018 Corks & Chef's. Also, Alabama Living 2019 Best of the Best noted Lake Guntersville and the state park as the best lake to spend a weekend at.

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This Conference Was Sponsored by:


Our 2019 Home Business Conference
Featured a World-class Faculty of Experts
In Many Business Arenas!

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Bishwa Karmacharya - Being a Shepard!

Shepherd Adventure Trekking & Expedition is registered trekking agency and has been operational since 2000. If you are looking for an adventure with a purpose- Shepherd Trekking is the right door to move through. We have a right combination of expertise, commitment, and experience to make your trek adventurous and fun.

Shepherd Trekking is led by a team of energetic professionals and have experienced teams of guides, Sherpas, and porters who will lead you to the heart of Himalayas. With a devotion to satisfying customers, Shepherd Trekking has earned its place among leading trek operators.

As the name suggests, Shepherd Trekking is dedicated to taking good care of its individual clients in the same way a good shepherd looks after his flock. Customers' safety and satisfaction are always at the top of our priorities. We have helicopter rescue upon request.

Shepherd Trekking does more than conducting magnificent treks. People of Shepherd Trekking are Eco and Agro friendly. More than 75% of the Nepali populations depend on agriculture. Shepherd Trekking does different projects to upgrade and uplift the status of the community people. Coffee farming has been the latest addition to its initiative in helping poor and oppressed. If you are looking for adventure with a purpose, you will be proud of your choice by choosing Shepherd Adventure Trekking & Expedition.

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Bruce Beck - Essentials of Business Success

Bruce Beck founded The Essentials Group after spending over 30+ years working in leadership roles in pharmaceutical manufacturing and project delivery of major capital projects around the world. For the last 15 years, he served as a Director of Engineering and was responsible for commissioning and qualification activities around the world for Eli Lilly and Company.

He found that no matter what the endeavor, there were always keys to success. These keys had to be identified, understood and systems had to be established with well equipped people to assure success. He calls these keys - essentials - to the success of any endeavor.

Bruce is dedicated to helping business people in many arenas identify their keys to success by understanding current practices and challenges. He helps small business owners create innovative solutions to improve performance and create new business capabilities.

He has extensive experience in manufacturing, project delivery and leadership development with a strong international background having worked in locations such as China, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Barrington McIntosh - Multiple Streams of Income and Selling Internationally on Amazon

Barrington and his wife, Sara, support their family by selling internationally on Amazon, even though they live on the tropical island of Jamaica!

In the fourth quarter of 2012, they took their Amazon business from $0 to being in the top 25% of all sellers on Amazon for that holiday season. Their success has steadily increased and they have added many product lines to their business, including coffee.

Before Amazon, he worked in Information Technology Management for a firm based in Houston, Texas. Today, he is able to live his dream of supporting his family financially while working from home.

Barrington credits his success to being part of a mastermind group. Today, thousands of online sellers have benefited from his help as they continue to learn from each other.

If you want to learn how to sell internationally on Amazon, don't miss his session. (You'll love his Jamaican accent!)

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David Veksler - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency -- An Introduction for Investors: Fundamental Analysis, Phases of Future Development, and Safety Best Practices

David Veksler is the Managing Partner of Vellum Capital, a Blockchain hedge fund management firm that specializes in blockchain technology and crypto-assets such as Bitcoin. David is an expert in applied cryptography and Blockchain-powered services. David spent 5 years in Shanghai, where he created a Bitcoin exchange for the Asia-Pacific market, and CryptAByte, an open-source secure communications platform. He is the founder of, a cryptocurrency wallet recovery and consulting service, a co-founder of, and the Director of Technology at the Foundation for Economic Education.

His hobbies are Krav Maga, biking, Instagram photography, and talking about Bitcoin and personal finance. He previously worked as an information systems architect for, Education First, and the Mises Institute.

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John Childers -The World's Most Profitable Skill - Public Speaking
and Investing in Commercial Real Estate

After dropping out of high school to join the Air Force, it took several years to learn the value of an education. John began his career like most average American citizens, working and getting paid by the hour. Wanting to have more than just a paycheck, he purchased his first business, an auto repair shop, in Florida. The business quickly started booming and grew into a highly profitable chain of repair shops throughout the state. Not ready to settle for less, he set a goal to become a millionaire.

Having learned that 70% of the millionaires in the United States made their fortune in real estate, he got into real estate and in just over 3 years of setting his goal, he became a millionaire at the age of 37. He started getting requests to teach people his investing techniques and especially, his speaking skills. With a down home style of taking complicated issues and breaking them down into simple and easy to understand terms, he began his speaking career.

He now has almost 40 years of experience conducting seminars and has worked with individuals all over North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia sharing ideas on how anyone can create positive results in any aspect of their life. He has spoken at events around the world and on the same platform as Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, and Jay Abraham, to name a few. He is credited with developing highly successful intensive training and mentoring programs for several of the largest seminar companies in North America.

His primary focus today is on teaching others to become extremely successful by "Creating Positive Results" in all aspects of their life. He is probably best known for revealing the inner workings of the speaking industry and his personal strategies which have made him millions of dollars as a speaker. He takes great pride in helping launch the speaking careers of hundreds of professionals.

In January 2010, he retired from the public spotlight and now work with a few serious individuals who want to learn the mindset and methods of creating positive results in their lives. But when I called asking him to speak, how could he say no? He has seen me come a long way from hosting my very first live event in Florence, Alabama where we met in 2003 and now 16 years later, he's proud to be part of our 2019 Home Business Conference.

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Mauricio Martinez - Business Management Basics

Mauricio Martinez is an accountant, enrolled agent, business consultant and licensed tax preparer specializing in Small Business. As Partner in Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC., he specializes in helping small businesses with the details entrepreneurs despise.

I met Mauricio at a speaker training in Las Vegas years ago and we have been best friends ever since. He has become one of our valuable Protege Experts on Home Business. Not only has he saved our members money, helped us make money, taught us how to travel better, and given us valuable tax tips, he also sings to us! He is one fun accountant.

If you are concerned about all those nitpicky little financial details, don't miss hearing Mauricio's hilarious session. He will ease your mind and help you understand complex concepts.

He and his wife live in Colorado where they homeschool their children ... because they met our group at a conference!

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Janet Johnson - Facebook and Instagram Marketing Techniques - The latest strategies working today!

Janet E Johnson has more than 20 years of experience and millions of dollars earned for clients and her own business using online marketing strategies. She started her digital marketing career when she began selling on Ebay and has continued to embrace this ever-evolving field.

She is an expert in the areas of Strategy and Content Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Video Marketing and Advertising.

She also regularly creates videos, live shows, hosts webinars and hosts the podcast, Business Growth Time, established 4 years ago and is now recognized as one of the Top 25 Social Media Podcasts by Report Garden.

Coming from a background in education, Janet believes in and regularly participates in continuing education for herself, always staying on top of the social media ever-changing trends, then applying the latest, best practices with her clients, audiences and students.

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LaVonda-Thornton Traveling as an Insider as a Home-based Travel Agent

LaVonda-Thornton is a full-time travel agent, success coach and homeschooling mom from Houston, Texas.

She is responsible for booking travel anywhere in the world, setting up payment plans, negotiating group rates, planning for special events and more!

She also shows others how they can run their very own travel agency as a hobby, part-time, or a full-time career.

No matter what business you're operating, you can always leverage the power of the #1 recession-proof industry and earn more customer loyalty and revenue. Every business needs TRAVEL! And most homeschooling families travel. LaVonda will help you learn to travel better!

And if you're missions-minded, this is one of the best ways to help others save money and earn commissions on their current ministry-related expenses.

Members of Our Family Home Business Coaching Program,
Rhea's Proteges, Got 2 Extra Experiences!

Proteges Got to Enjoy a Half Day on the River on Wednesday During Our Protege Splash Bash!
And They Got an Extra Day of Personal Vision Casting during our Protege Day on Sunday!
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Trying to figure out what to do for a home business can be difficult when you haven't been trained to think or act like an entrepreneur. So our family coaching program offered an extra day to provide specific direction to help families choose the direction that best suit them so they can begin creating a plan to implement once they get home.

Learn More about our
Family Home Business Coaching Program
Right Here!

Listen to What Attendees From Our Past Conferences Have Said:


"There is no denying it! Rhea's Entrepreneur Days was the most inspirational business experience for our whole family. We are now joint venturing on several projects and we even found a business mentor for our eldest son. Thank you for bringing this all together! We can't wait for your next event!"

Bob Farewell
Lake Wales, Florida
Founder of Lifetime Books and Gifts
* * *
"The information presented over the course of this weekend altered the way we were approaching our business. We were encouraged to know that we were doing some things well, and we were challenged to consider new possibilities in some areas. Each session was an integral part of the amazing whole. Each speaker was worth his/her weight in e-books."

Gary and Jan Bloom
Cotaka, Minnesota
* * *
"Going to this conference opened my eyes to how unlimited the opportunities are for every member of the family to make money, whether it means you start your own business, find good investments, dabble in selling on E-Bay, or do something as offbeat as gather mistletoe."

Ellyn Davis
The Elijah Company
Crossville, Tennessee
* * *
Rhea once again was an excellent provider of prime information that provides keys to independence. I learned a ton of information on a topic that I had a thimble full of knowledge that I can go home tomorrow and immediately use to make money AND help my kids use to make money. Two days of travel. Two days of conference. Results: Priceless.

Lynn Fote
Ortonville, Michigan
* * *
"Entrepreneur Days was extraordinary in the information presented. The atmosphere created by the staff and the attendees was amazing. To see families wanting to improve and serve God is so encouraging. "Do not miss the next chance to attend Rhea's seminar!"

Warren Adams
Clarkesville, Georgia
* * *
"This has been a time of serious self-examination. Life cannot be lived in fear. Life is short. Bad things will happen if you stay in your comfort zone - there is no safety zone. When you are willing to take chances you will be more likely to get out of it quickly. "What I am really excited about is the fact that my husband, who refused to touch a computer for the past 10 years, has now seen why he needs to learn it and is excited about it. "Last night during supper I was so blessed by watching a waitress stand off to the side, nodding her head, saying, "Oh that's good." And she was jotting down notes on a folded up piece of paper - You could tell she was like a sponge soaking it all it."

Kelly Brodock
Highland Lake, Alabama
* * *
"Since going to your first conference in August of 2003, I wrote a successful e-book, started a website, and started a group. I can't wait to see what I do after this conference!"

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