Imagine. Refresh. Thrive!

Ready to Get Away from it All to Reset Your Life?

Whether your home business, or education at your house, or your family relationships need a boost, you're going to love our latest small project!
2020 was the year to stay home.
Well, 2021 is the year to venture out into exciting spaces in small groups to reset your philosophy, your mindset and your projects.
Our EFS Escapes are designed for moms, dads and teens to spend a relaxing weekend in a nourishing environment to focus on one of a variety of topics. Here are just a few I'd love for you to join me on:
  • Beach Escape
  • Travel Agent Training
  • Widows' Weekend
  • Home Business Visioneering Escape
  • Moms' Escape
  • Dads' Escape
  • Government Leadership Training
  • Wilderness Escape
  • Hiking with Dr. Mary Hood
  • Real Estate Investing Escape
  • CryptoCurrency Escape 
And the only one we have definitely planned is our Christmas Escape the week of Christmas which will be at the beach in north Florida or on a cruise if the cruise world opens up by then.

What Does an Escape Look Like?

We're planning a relaxing weekend at a restful location - I'm thinking beach or mountains, right? - where a small group can spend a long weekend relaxing and learning about an area of interest.

Food will be provided and we might even have a small excursion or interesting activity.

Teens are welcome with an accompanying adult for a reduced registration fee. Please don't bring small babies (which we absolutely adore) because our Escapes are intended to be stress-free.

What's the Schedule?

Attendees are welcome to arrive on Thursday night or Friday morning.

Sessions will take place on Friday afternoon, all day Saturday with possibly an off-site activity and a Sunday morning session. Attendees will be free to travel home after lunch on Sunday.

What are the Accommodations?

We love renting large AirBnB houses in interesting places where everyone will either have their own room or share a room, but not a bed, with a friend.

Spouses are welcome to attend for a reduced registration fee.

Healthy meals will be provided and we'll offer interesting education and insight based on a variety of topics at each event.

Transportation is on your own but if we need to pick you up at the airport, arrangements can be made.

What's the Cost?

The cost of each Escape will be
$397 for Proteges.
Free for hosts.

Want to Host an Escape?

We'd love for you to join us on one of our weekend Escapes but if you'd like to help us host one for your small group of 6 to 12, please contact us here to schedule an appointment to discuss the details. We're open to just about anything!

If you're interested, please contact us at [email protected].

If this interests you, stay tuned for more info!