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Home Business Owners
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Whether your teens are planning to go to college or not, in this day and age, it's wise and soooooo easy to learn how to build a six-figure business on or off line.

Several of my seven children have done it and many more in our online community have too!

For years, people have asked me to tell them the secrets of how my late husband, a former public school teacher, encouraged me to educate our children to think entrepreneurially that resulted in our oldest son bringing his dad home from corporate America in just 3 years.

Two of our other children started a successful commercial and industrial roofing company that serves north Alabama and provides jobs for those in the community.

Now, hundreds of homeschooling families are enjoying the adventure of training their young entrepreneurs for home businesses as well, and some are seeing great success!

At this year's One-of-a-Kind Event, I introduced just a few of them.

My name is Rhea Perry and I help parents educate their children and themselves to find what they love to do and live financially free by operating a small business from home.

For the past three years, we've shared those secrets at the only live 3-day conference of its kind. We've even brought in a few thought leaders and entrepreneurial homeschoolers who are on the same path to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience. This year, we were excited to bring you a few more of those thought leaders and success stories!

Whether your family wants to excel in politics, business, entertainment, education, sports or ministry, your children must develop a mindset of abundance and success to become the leaders God designed them to be.

True fulfillment can only be found when a person is in sync with God. No amount of money in the world can fill that inner void until each person discovers his or her purpose and actively pursues it.

Our young people need education that will prepare them to be leaders in this crazy new virtual, global world. And homeschoolers in general, are still preparing their children for life with a traditional job.

The dilemma is...


How Can Concerned Parents
Teach Something They Haven't Been Taught?

The world as we know it is changing. The way people work is changing, yet traditional education is not keeping up.. Now, instead of going to work for 8 hours a day five days a week, thousands of entrepreneurs work from home and juggle jobs around homeschooling, exercise, and the children's activities.

And most of home business experts like this don't have a college degree.

So how can a busy parent figure all this out ... in their spare time?

The answer is simple. Immerse yourself in an experience where you will meet a small online community of Christian homeschooling families who are stepping into a new realm, which is actually an old realm since it is the way young people were once educated. Learn secrets and techniques that other families have discovered. But most of all, step away from your stressful life to gain God's perspective for your life and for the future of your young people. That weekend is over, but you can experience a part of that through the videos of the sessions at the event.

The world is a noisy place and it is way too full of the world's philosophies. Our aim is always to hear what the Lord God has to say to us and through us about education, business and politics.

We want to help you learn how to get the mind of Christ for educating your students for home business.


Want to Live the Quiet Life at Home
AND Be Financially Free?

For the last 20 years, I have been living in two worlds. In 1987, we entered the fascinating realm of home education where my family was mentored by some of the early pioneers who risked going to jail for what they believed.

In 1998, we left society and moved to the Backside of Nowhere in Southern Tennessee where I have come to live a spoiled life with little stress on a wonderful farm with wonderful children.

Then in 2003, God placed us in the middle of the Internet millionaires and with the leader of the soon-to-be Amazon millionaires. This small group of men and women work in spare bedrooms in regular homes throughout the world to develop technology, marketing tools and tactics that the rest of the world uses.

And they make a lot of money... from home... serving others ... doing what they love.

It All Happens
Friday, February 26 -
Saturday, February 27, 2021

Florence, Alabama!

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Rhea Perry - Educating Entrepreneurs God's Way

In our attempts at educating our children according to state-mandated guidelines, we seem to have forgotten the purpose of education. It's not just to "get a diploma," it is to prepare them to earn a living with an enjoyable career in the real world. Getting the diploma is just part of the process.

Our focus instead, should be on discovering with each of our children, who they are, their natural giftings, and what they want to pursue as a career. Then we should tailor their education to serve those purposes.

In several sessions throughout the weekend, I will share how to help your children discover their own directions, especially with a focus on home business, and design a course that will allow them to use their specific gifts and talents to glorify God doing what they love … and to eventually live financially free.

You'll learn about various ways to create income and the types to avoid. Most of all, you'll learn how to develop an investment mindset rather than a consumer mindset which is part of the foundation every entrepreneur needs to establish.
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Rev. Darren Vinnett

Known as the Ambassador of Increase, entrepreneur and thought leader, Rev Darren Vinnett, has never had a job in his life. At the age of 14, he started designing and printing T-shirts and signs in his parents' back yard. Creativity coupled with persistence quickly paid off, helping him to build one of the premiere printing and promotions businesses in the South Louisiana region.

Servicing clients like the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, T.D. Jakes Ministries, Shell Oil, Jesse Duplantis Ministries, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship and the Essence Music Festival, he experienced uncommon success at a very young age. In 2005 and 2006, back-to-back tragedies brought a halt to his business aspirations as Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and his wife of 16 years passed away with breast cancer just six months later.

Great loss propelled him to redefine his life's work. Darren soon found new significance in teaching, training, and encouraging others to excel, not only in the business arena, but in life by bringing a message of hope and inspiration to many.

He travels internationally, provoking aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders not to settle for the average and common, but to shift to the next level of excellence.

He and his wife, Kierra, reside in the Greater New Orleans area. They have five children.

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The Wohlwend Family
How to Train Your Children to Invest in Real Estate

Deven is 13 years old. Ethan is 10 years old. Both boys own over 30 properties. Both boys started buying real estate when they were seven years old, without any money or credit from their parents. The 13-year-old is a national speaker, published author, Kent State student & invests in real estate, gold, and cryptocurrency.

Their dad, Eric, has been a full-time Real Estate Investor since 2003. Eric has used millions of dollars of private money to finance multiple types of real estate. He finds creative approaches to make good deals great. After buying properties he systematizes management & operations to maximize value. When banks stopped lending money to small investors he developed a network of over 50 private lenders to finance new deals.

And he has taught all this to his sons.

Eric has repositioned and still controls hundreds of single & multi-family residential properties. He was published in Business Innovators Magazine and is a #1 Best Selling Author. He has also spoken to thousands of people all over the US and Canada. He has helped many people, with limited money and no credit, start investing in Real Estate.

His wife, Lila, owns and operates the property management company that supports all these investments.

When they are not buying more real estate, Eric & his family travel all over North America training other investors to do what they are doing. They also enjoy flying, skydiving, and SCUBA. Eric is a life member of the VFW.

In his free time, Eric helps Lila homeschool the boys.

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Carrie Hurley
Learn Geography and Entrepreneurship With Your Own Travel Business

Carrie and Andrew Hurley both lived internationally as children before they married and settled in Arkansas. They have experienced the Highlands of Papua, New Guinea, the jungles of Brazil, the castles of Northern Ireland, the mountains of Peru and the exotic beauty of Thailand.

They learned how traveling to experience geography and stand where history was made changes people.

Now that they are homeschooling their four children, they enjoy road tripping so their children can have cross-cultural experiences like they both enjoyed. They have also discovered that having a travel business enables them to accomplish this, plus work from anywhere in the world that provides have wi-fi. 

In Carrie’s session, she’ll share her family’s story, and explain how the travel industry shifted five years ago so that now every family can learn to generate passive income from home with their own online travel business.

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John Wahl - Making a Difference and Defending Our Values by Getting Involved in Government

John Wahl currently serves as vice-chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and is one of Alabama’s leading political strategists. He is an entrepreneur who started his first business while growing up on his family’s farm in rural Limestone County.

John was born with a love of nature and especially butterflies and has turned that interest into
a successful butterfly farm that serves attractions and exhibits across North America.

When John saw the ever-increasing erosion of our Constitutional rights and how desperately we need good leadership in government, he started working with political candidates as an advisor and political strategist. Since that time, he has worked for candidates from city council to U.S. Senate, and is one of Alabama’s strongest conservative voices.

On Friday, John will share his insight into the political world and why he feels homeschool families should get involved in political leadership at the local, state or even national levels. He’ll also give some ideas for how your family can get involved and make the best impact.

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Trying to figure out what to do for a home business can be difficult when you haven't been trained to think or act like an entrepreneur. So our family coaching program offered an extra day to provide specific direction to help families choose the direction that best suit them so they can begin creating a plan to implement once they get home.

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Tentative Schedule

Friday, Feb. 26
10 AM CT  Opening Session with Rhea
12 PM - 2 PM Lunch
2 PM to 6 PM Sessions 
Saturday, Feb. 27
10 AM CT  Session with Rhea
12 PM - 2 PM Lunch
2 PM to 6 PM Sessions

Sunday, Feb. 28
10 - 1 PM Church with Rev. Darren Vinnett

Listen to What Attendees From Our Past Conferences Have Said:


"There is no denying it! Rhea's Entrepreneur Days was the most inspirational business experience for our whole family. We are now joint venturing on several projects and we even found a business mentor for our eldest son. Thank you for bringing this all together! We can't wait for your next event!"

Bob Farewell
Lake Wales, Florida
Founder of Lifetime Books and Gifts
* * *
"The information presented over the course of this weekend altered the way we were approaching our business. We were encouraged to know that we were doing some things well, and we were challenged to consider new possibilities in some areas. Each session was an integral part of the amazing whole. Each speaker was worth his/her weight in e-books."

Gary and Jan Bloom
Cotaka, Minnesota
* * *
"Going to this conference opened my eyes to how unlimited the opportunities are for every member of the family to make money, whether it means you start your own business, find good investments, dabble in selling on E-Bay, or do something as offbeat as gather mistletoe."

Ellyn Davis
The Elijah Company
Crossville, Tennessee
* * *
Rhea once again was an excellent provider of prime information that provides keys to independence. I learned a ton of information on a topic that I had a thimble full of knowledge that I can go home tomorrow and immediately use to make money AND help my kids use to make money. Two days of travel. Two days of conference. Results: Priceless.

Lynn Fote
Ortonville, Michigan
* * *
"Entrepreneur Days was extraordinary in the information presented. The atmosphere created by the staff and the attendees was amazing. To see families wanting to improve and serve God is so encouraging. "Do not miss the next chance to attend Rhea's seminar!"

Warren Adams
Clarkesville, Georgia
* * *
"This has been a time of serious self-examination. Life cannot be lived in fear. Life is short. Bad things will happen if you stay in your comfort zone - there is no safety zone. When you are willing to take chances you will be more likely to get out of it quickly. "What I am really excited about is the fact that my husband, who refused to touch a computer for the past 10 years, has now seen why he needs to learn it and is excited about it. "Last night during supper I was so blessed by watching a waitress stand off to the side, nodding her head, saying, "Oh that's good." And she was jotting down notes on a folded up piece of paper - You could tell she was like a sponge soaking it all it."

Kelly Brodock
Highland Lake, Alabama
* * *
"Since going to your first conference in August of 2003, I wrote a successful e-book, started a website, and started a group. I can't wait to see what I do after this conference!"

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